Indooroopilly Building Inspection – March 2017

 Customer Building and Pest Inspection Overview

A standard building and pest inspection was recently conducted on a townhouse in Indooroopilly for a young family. The findings of this report thoroughly illustrate the need to engage a professional inspector prior to purchasing a home. A vast number of defects were uncovered during the hour and a half inspection, including termite damage, fungal decay and uneven flooring.

Termite damage was discovered in several rooms throughout the home, including the garage and entry hall. Observations from the visual inspection indicate that the termite damage was likely localised to the above-mentioned areas. Since pre-purchase inspections do not employ invasive measures to examine the extent of termite damage, the risk of undetected termite activity was deemed to be high. There was also evidence of termite prevention and/or management measures having been taken in the past.

A proposed treatment plan was presented to the prospective purchasers, including recommendation to remove all conducive conditions and install a chemical termite barrier. It was also suggested that treatment be followed up with a further pest inspection in 6 months.  Thereafter, annual pest inspections were recommended to monitor and prevent any further pest-related issues from arising or going undetected.

Fungal decay was discovered in the eave timbers throughout the roof. To prevent further damage and the spread of the decay, affected areas were recommended for replacement.

The fence surrounding the property was determined to have a major defect due to the uneven, loose and decaying nature of palings. It was therefore suggested the fence be replaced or repaired to prevent further damage and financial burden.  Timber decay was also evident in the veranda. As a result, it was determined to need replacement and continual maintenance.

Uneven flooring through the upper storey of the townhouse was also noted. This was made particularly evident in the door frames on all upstairs rooms. Rectification was proposed to be carried out as soon as possible.

As a result of their pre-purchase inspection, the purchasers were able to negotiate a new price on the home to compensate for the aforementioned defects. All recommendations have since been actioned and the family has now moved in.

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Check out the inspection photos below.

Customer Building and Pest Inspection Indooroopilly