Pre Purchase Inspection Redbank Plains – April 2107

Customer Pre-Purchase Inspection Overview

On the 4th April 2017, a pre-purchase inspection was performed on a detached house in Redbank Plains for a first home buyer. New to the market and unsure what to look for, the client placed an offer on a 10 year old brick house that been poorly maintained. During the inspection, numerous minor defects as well as conducive conditions to pest-related issues and structural defects were discovered.

Minor defects

Minor defects found at the property included, but were not limited to; drummy floor tiles, damaged or missing doors, damaged cabinets as well as a severely damaged rear door. Given the age of the property, these defects led the property to be deemed in below average condition.

Drummy floor tiles were found in various rooms of the property including the kitchen and hallway.  It was suggested that all such tiles be repaired as soon as possible to limit further damage to the flooring.

Damaged and missing doors were also prevalent in one of the bedrooms. Of the 2 sliding closet doors, only one was present during the inspection and showed major signs of misuse. To return to closet to proper working order, it was recommended that both doors be replaced.

Another defect observed was damage to the kitchen cupboards. Cupboard doors and shelving were chipped and laminate was peeling off the front face of the shelving and sides of the cupboard doors. Repairs were suggested to be carried out to restore the cupboards to full functionality.

Similarly, windows in both the lounge and dining areas were damaged and not functioning correctly. Roller replacement to all such windows is required.

The rear sliding door on the property was extremely difficult to open and would not roll. It was discovered that the door track was severely damaged and would require replacement to return it to working order.

Site Drainage

Several issues were found with the site drainage including evidence of severe run off and ponding around surrounding structures. It was determined that a major factor in the of the run off and ponding was caused by defective down pipes that were not attached to storm water drainage. This defect has resulted in movement of the building slab and created excessive levels of moisture in close proximity to the slab. Such moisture is a highly conducive condition to pest-related issues and therefore resulted in the risk of a pest attack being escalated. To alleviate the risk of future pest attacks, it was suggested that the down pipes be rectified and conducive be removed.

Retaining Wall

The timber retaining wall located at the rear of the property was assessed to have a major defect. The wall was incorrectly installed and as a result, settlement has occurred throughout the pergola area, as pictured below. Timber sleepers also had severe timber decay caused by excessive moisture and the wall has become deformed. The retaining wall was deemed to need major repairs as soon as possible.

With the aid of this pre-purchase inspection, the first-time home buyer was able to avoid a substantial financial burden and repair bill by terminating their contract. Building and pest inspections are a small investment when looking to purchase a property. For more information, or to request a booking or quote, please contact the Pro Inspections Brisbane team on 07 3102 3788 contact us here.

Inspection Photos

Pre Purchase Inspection Redbank Plains