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Are you buying a new home in Brisbane?  Before committing to purchase, a pre – purchase property inspection is imperative. The team at Pro Inspections Brisbane provide a range of pre purchase property reports that are affordable, accurate and easy to follow.

Our written reports indentify a range if structural issues which cannot be seen by the naked eye. 

What is included in our Pre Purchase Inspections?

We Check Structural Issues

The most important thing with any property or construction is its structural integrity. When you call our inspectors to perform a pre – purchase property inspection, we will perform a structural integrity check.

We will check for: 

  • Issues with the home or building’s structure and foundation. 
  • Structural weaknesses due to weather, pests, or other surrounding issues. 
  • Check to ensure the property complies with Australia’s set standards for building regulations. 


Major structural damage is not only going to result in property deterioration in the future, but is also extremely costly to repair. Our experienced inspectors will check for any structural concerns, and will detail any issues in our written reports.

Helping you budget for repairs and maintenance

In many cases, investors will purchase a property that is visibly damaged in an attempt to purchase for a lower price. Our pre – purchase property inspection will check for problems which are not easy to locate. Our inspectors check electrical wiring, alarm systems, pest infestations, and more. Upon receiving the report, we can discuss any questions you may have in detail.

By having the pre- purchase inspection done you will: 

  • Be able to determine if purchasing damaged the property is worth the investment.
  • Get quotes to find out how much damages and repairs will cost.
  • Understand the structural integrity of the property


Because no two properties are the same, the pre – purchase inspection provides you with all information you need to know, before deciding whether to purchase. 

Are there safety concerns? 

The pre – purchase inspection will also help determine if there are any safety issues on the property. Any safety concerns regarding wiring or other important areas will also be outlined in the reports.


Pre Purchase Property Inspections

Safe guard your Investment

You never know what issues may turn up during a buy/sell transaction. If you are interested in investing in a new home or commercial property, an independent pre-purchase inspection should be a condition to the sale. Not only does it allow you to learn about the potential hazards on the property but also if it is a sounds investment decision.

Our reports will include:

  • Condition of property
  • Any issues or concerns with the structure
  • Any signs of pest infestations

Service Areas

We offer pre purchase inspections in the following areas:

  • Brisbane Northside
  • Brisbane Southside
  • Brisbane West
  • Toowoomba
  • Ipswich
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Gold Coast


If you are thinking of buying a property and have any questions, feel free to contact us for advice.