Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get a Building Inspection?

If you are looking to invest in a property it is extremely important to get an inspection. We often use the analogy about buying a car, wouldn’t you want to know if the engine is in good condition before you buy? The same rules applies to property but it is even more important as your investment is allot higher in value.

Is there a difference between a pest inspection and building inspection?

Absolutely. A building inspection generally looks at the structural integrity of the property whilst a pest inspection checks for termites and other pests present within the property. We often recommenced getting a building and pest inspection combined for the most accurate analysis of the building.

Can I be present during the inspection?

Of course you can. We encourage customers to be present during our inspections but understand you are busy and may not be able to make it. We usually liaise with the real estate agent to gain access to the property and let you know the time of the inspection. If you can’t make it we will perform the inspection as planned and send you the finalized reports.

How quick can you do the inspection?

We usually perform the building inspections as soon as we can arrange access to your property, during your booking we will discuss a convenient time with you. Inspections can be done within 24 hours upon confirmation of your request.

Do you use thermal Imaging?

All our inspections teams use thermal imaging for all inspections. Our state of the art cameras help us detect things unseen by the naked eye.

How long does it take to get my reports?

Your building report will be delivered within 48 hours but in most cases you will receive it in less than 24 hours.

Is your company licensed and insured?

We sure are. All of our employees are covered by a $20 million Public Liability Insurance. Inspectors are licensed by the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission).

Is it expensive to get a building inspection?

No it isn’t. You can check our pricing page for full details. It is small investment for knowing the state of the property before you purchase. Prices start from $300 plus GST for a 3 bedroom home.

How do I book an inspection?

You can book your inspection by phoning us direct on 07 3102 3788 or you may complete the online quote form here and we will be in touch with you.