Here is a list of related industry resources and partners.

Building Industry

QBCC – Queensland Building and Construction Commission

The QBCC is the leading regulation body for building and construction in Queensland. They support the growing Queensland community by offering informationand regulatory advice. This ensures the proper building standards and remedies for defective building work are being adhered too. They promote confidence in the building and construction industry. Leading the commission is the Commissioner and they are governed by a board. Learn more about the Building Inspections and Approvals Regulations on their website,

Master Builders Queensland

Master Builders has more than 8,500 members. Since 1882 they have been representing building and construction in Queensland. They are the peak industry association and support members to operate professional and profitable businesses. If you are serious about your business then talk to Master Builders Queensland.

Pest Inspections

Pro Pest Control Gold Coast

Locally owned Pro Pest Control Gold Coast are the professionals in pest management. Whetehr you have a small home or large commercial building, they can protect your property from all pest infestations. They also perform pest and termite inspections for all properties. Treatment for termites to protect your property is also available. Contact them for a free quote or book your treatment. Mention Pro Inspections for a 10% discount when booking your job. You are in safe hands with Pro Pest Control Gold Coast.