Why Having A Pest Inspection Is Important

Pest Inspections For Brisbane Property Owners

Pest Inspection Brisbane

In this article we will outline the importance of having a pest inspection, the different kinds of pests and when is the best time to organise to have your property inspected.

Studies show that one out of four Australian homes will be affected by pests such as termites at some stage. This is why it is very important to ensure that the home that you are planning to buy or sell is safe from pests. The only way to achieve this is to have your probable home be inspected for pests. A good pest inspection company will identify and flush out any threats to your property whether the pests are already in the home or if they are nearby.

What is A Pest Inspection?

What Is A Pest Inspection

Pest inspection can be defined as inspecting a property to identify pests like insects and rodents. Most people are familiar with this exercise especially in the context of inspection recommended to prospective buyers of real estate to unravel issues like termites. However, a pest inspection can also carried out by health departments so as to ensure that properties are sanitary and safe. This is usually only for commercial properties operating a business. In this article we will concentrate on inspections for the home.

A pest inspection company will normally spend around 30 minutes to and hour to inspect a normal-sized house. During the inspection, the inspector will examine all areas of your home including bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen, garages, roofing and other external areas. The use of thermal imaging cameras assist the inspector to locate any problem areas which cannot be located with the human eye.

Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will compile a report indicating all the areas he or she inspected, and if there was any evidence of pests on the property. The report will also ouline any damage that has been done to the structure due to a pest infestation. In most cases they will also recommend an appropriate course of action to eradicate and exterminate the pests.

Different Types Of Pests

Types Of Pests

What kind of pests are there in Australia that could be in your property?

  • Termites

Also called the white ants, termites can cause inconsiderable damage to a property. According to CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), there are more than 350 termite species in Australia, and 20 of these species can cause damage to timber houses.

  • Cockroaches

These are other annoying pests that infest many Australian homes. They are filthy and can be a real nuisance if not dealt with promptly

  • Rodents and mice

These also transmit diseases and can cause a lot of damage to your property. They can eat clothes and other valuables so they must be got rid of immediately. By chewing wires, rats can cause properties to catch fire. Also, rats are vector-borne, meaning that they transmit organisms that cause diseases, like typhus, salmonella, plague and trichinosis among other disease-causing organisms.

  • Ants

There are many varieties of ants in Australia. If left un-checked ants can be extremely detrimental to the structure of your property.

  • Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance but their bites can cause the deadly malaria. As long as you are living with them under your roof, know that malaria is not so far away.
Other pests in Australia that can attack your home include moths and fleas. If you suspect your property is the victim of a pest infestation, contact a licensed pest inspector.

Having regular inspection is recommended as it can help nip the pest problem in the bud.

Why you should use a professional

Why Use A Pest Inspection Company

When it comes to checking and removing pests from your property, you will be better off if you hire a professional to do the job for you.

Below are other reasons why you should use a professional when inspecting your property for pest infestation.

  • Prevent Further Damage

Damage done by termites, ants and other pests can be extensive and costly. If the problem is left unmanaged the damage can be extremely costly.

  • Better Technology

Professionals have the right equipment to conduct a thorough inspection on your property to ensure that all pests have been identified. The use of the latest technology like thermal imaging and other tools ensures you get the best inspection possible.

  • Time Saving

It will only take a professional inspector around 30-60 minutes to perform a thorough inspection of your property.

  • Professional Advice

Other than just conducting a detailed inspection of your property, pest inspection professionals also recommend the best pest control methods available. Is most cases, the inspection company will be able to recommend a reliable pest control company in your area.

When is the right time for a pest inspection?

Right Time For Pest Inspection

As a general rule you can have your property inspected for pests at any time of the year. It is recommend to have a regular inspection on a 12 month cycle to ensure your home stays safe. You can learn more about our professional pest inspection service, which is perfect for property owners throughout South East Queensland.

Apart from regular inspections some of the most popular times for an inspection is when there is a sale of a property. During a sale both the owner and the buyer will usually get independent inspection carried out to find out the condition of the property. During price negotiations it is important you have a full understanding on the condition of the house.

The Seller: The seller may use inspection to confirm to the buyer that they are selling a property that is free from any structural issues or infestations.

The Buyer: For the buyer, you will want complete peace that the home is in good condition so no nasty surprises are found after signing a contract.


The cost of a pest inspection will vary depending on the company and the size of the property. As a general rule you would be looking at between $200 – $750 for the full service. This is seen as a very worthwhile investment and precautionary measure as the cost to repair any structural issue can run into thousands of dollars.


Whether you are buying or selling a home or just want to make sure you property is in good condition, having a pest inspection is definitely a worthwhile investment. The downside of not having on far outweighs the benefits.

We hope you enjoyed the article. It was published as a reference for Brisbane home owners but the information applies to all property throughout Australia.

If you have any questions or would like free advice feel free to comment of contact us directly.